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studio policies

Lesson Duration

*For those that are coming for the first time: I typically schedule an evaluation if you have studied violin prior to coming to me. (If you are a beginner; we will skip the eval). This evaluation allows me to determine the course of instruction. It will only last a 1/2 hour, thus the rate of 1/2 hour lesson is charged. I will make note of your experience overall-including posture, positioning, technique (left and right hands), intonation etc. From this I will suggest which materials (from etudes, scales, songs or exercises to concertos) should be practiced
* Lessons are offered in two durations only: 30, or 60 minutes each week. You are always welcome to ask for the advice in choosing the right one.  It is typical to expect young students to have a ½ hour lesson weekly. Older students or those that are intermediate to advanced levels may wish (and it will be suggested) to schedule 1 hour lessons each week.

* Lesson payments are due at the first lesson and each lesson thereafter. I will accept payment biweekly or monthly should that be convenient for you. You will be responsible for any bank charges incurred due to returned checks.

* In case that you have to cancel your upcoming lesson, please notify me at least 24 hours prior to your lesson time. It can be done through contact form on my web site, my email or my home phone number. In doing so you will be offered a make-up lesson, at the mutually agreeable time.  

* In case that I cannot make your lesson time, I will notify you at least 24 hours prior to lesson time. You will have a choice of scheduling a make-up lesson, at the mutually agreeable time.  You will not be penalized or charged for a missed lesson that is due to a schedule conflict on my end. Emergency situations for either party will be handled reasonably and every attempt will be made to make up any  missed lessons.

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